Another day at the windsurfing office

Another good day in the windsurfing office. No time for a run today as the wind was there from early on. After the big waves of yesterday, today we had bump and jump small waves with strong winds. Started on a 5m and dropped to 4m as the wind strengthened. The reason the water is such an interesting colour is that the beach ended up in the sea after a recent storm and it hasn’t recovered yet.

Windsurfing from Playa de Levante

Today has been one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had windsurfing, I’m already looking forward to my wave sailing course with Peter Hart. The wind could have been stronger, but the waves were exhilarating. Thanks to my sailing colleagues Chris and Keith and the support team, Gaynor, Brian and Pat.

La Manga:Setting up day 3 (final day)

Another day, another run. Still on short runs at the moment for both Lesley and me. Plenty of time to get more serious and I’m really looking forward to getting into the hills. After the run, I joined Lesley for a Pilates lesson given by Paula Denvir. A good session so I’m hoping to join these on a regular basis.

imageThe main job today was to get the trailer built, uncharacteristically I forgot (misplaced) some of the nuts and bolts, fortunately, I had spares. Trolley made and one sail rigged, from tomorrow I’m good to go sailing.

It’s very warm here at the moment and it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the weather towards the end of the day.image



Summary 13 – 19 October


Mostly hot and sunny with a couple of wet periods. Flies are a pain though. I have made a fly trap but they don’t seem interested. I don’t think the attractant is impressing them.


Starting to feel a bit better, one run was definitely quicker than at home.

16.3 miles in 2.54 giving an average of 10:43 Mins per mile and about 1600 feet of climb.

I have felt sluggish this week, possibly not yet used to the heat and may be still feeling the effects of the journey here. However, although low mileage is slightly up on previous weeks.

24.77 miles in 3:35 giving and average of 8:41 Mins per mile and about 2250ft of climb


Two windsurfing days this week first day was overpowered on 7.5, rigged the 6.0 and gained some control. Next time the 7.5 was right but on neither day did I feel completely comfortable.

None yet!

First full day of sport

Early morning run towards Mar de Crystal
Early morning run

Lesley was going to Dance Fit and Pilates today (10 – 12), so I left early for my run. Conditions were good, sun low and a little breeze. Still feeling the effects of the journey and not ready long runs into the hill so like my previous runs today’s was just over 5 miles.

Lesley set off for her classes only to find that the instructor had cancelled due to illness.

After lunch I started to rig sails but was compelled to check out sailing conditions. The wind had picked, about a 4 – 6 beaufort from the South West. Sailors were planning, I had no choice but had to go out, I had only rigged the 7.5m² so that was my sail of choice. Mistake. Not only is a SW wind at La Manga difficult to gracefully sail away from the beach but I was seriously overpowered. I worked at it for the best part of an hour an although there were lots of excitement it was never really comfortable. I decided to come in and rig a smaller sail. A bit of a rushed job but I shortly returned to the water with my 6m² Tush Rock. A much better marriage, especially as I was now able to use my 103l Synchro.

Overall I count today as a good sailing day (and the first in La Manga this time) and came off the water feeling very tired. I was also dehydrated and drank copiously before going to bed. All in all a good day, just need to get myself re-used to the running and sailing routine.