Visit from Sue and Geoff Strawbridge

It was lovely to catch up with Sue and Geoff. We normally see them skiing in Les Arcs. They have just bought a place in Spain (45 minutes from here) and swopped there motorhome for an A class Rapido. They plan to ski all over the place (again) this winter, but, hopefully we will catch up with them again. imageimage


Curry night with Alan and Steve

It was Steve’s turn to host our get together this time. I picked Alan up from Macclesfield and had a chance to say hello to Barbara. Onwards to Bramhall to collect Steve and say Hi to Carolyn. Our first stop was the Crown Inn, Heaton Lane, Stockport. The pub is situated under an impressive 27 arch viaduct. Alan was educating us on the wonders of real ale and the significance of the Crown Inn as one of the leading suppliers of good beers, so it was disappointing that their first beer was not very good. My diet coke was fine. Never one to give up Alan convinced Steve it was worth trying another (different beer), I think they were happier this time but it was time to move on.

Next stop was The Royal Nawaab, Levenshulme. This was the first time for Alan and me. We were both very impressed. The Nawaab is an alcohol-free zone, it caters for a large number of Muslims, and a large number of Asians were eating there, always a good sign. The food was lovely (possibly a bit salty – both Alan and I were very thirsty afterwards) and the choice would ensure that everyone, including veggies would have plenty to choose from.

A late night for me, getting home just before 1:00 the following day.