Gortahork, September 2017

We arrived at the Loch Altan Hotel in Gortahork on Sunday 17th September and after checking into our room we had a meal in the hotel bar and then retired for an early night. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good night as the heating was left on all night and it was very hot in the room and we couldn’t leave the windows open as the noise from the road was too much. The hotel apologised as this was a mistake by a new night porter and it was OK for the rest of our time there.

Monday morning was bright, sunny and dry so we both went for a run towards Baltoney and back, about 6km.

Mel went to breakfast and then joined Peter and the others for the morning briefing. The windsurfers all went off to Magheraroarty beach and I had a quiet day in the hotel, reading and doing some admin. In the evening the group all had a meal together in the hotel after which Peter showed a video of the day’s activities on the water. This mainly involved falling off the wind SUPs in the waves!

Tuesday was another bright and dry morning so Mel went off for a run first, again towards Baltoney and then towards Falcarragh, about 8km. Then I set off and did the same run by which time the sun had come out so it was very pleasant running along the lanes in these conditions.

Mel went to the briefing and I had a quick breakfast and then the group set off for Dooey. I spent the morning in the hotel and then after lunch I set off for a walk on the way marked lanes towards Magheraraorty. It was warm, some sun and light wind but very pleasant and it was 2 hours and about 10km before I was back at the hotel. Mel came back about 7.30.pm after a good session on the waves but a broken sail as well. We had a meal in the hotel again as some of the others had stopped off to eat on the way back from Dooey.

Wednesday morning was a wet one and it had been raining all night so we didn’t go for a run. After Mel’s briefing we decided to go for a drive in the van to Dunfanaghy where we had a coffee and a wander around the town. On the way out of Dunfanaghy we took the scenic route on the Wild Atlantic Way to Horn Head where, once again, the scenery was breathtaking.

Mel went to the beach in the afternoon but there was hardly any wind and it started to rain again so he decided not to windsurf and came back to the hotel.

In the evening we went back to Dunfanaghy with the rest of the group and had a fabulous meal at Lizzie’s Diner & Restaurant.

We had been to this restaurant last year but since then it has moved across the road to a new location. The excellent food, efficient service and friendly staff were just the same as before and we enjoyed the good company as ever.



Thursday morning was bright and dry but a little chilly but we were ready for a run after resting yesterday. Mel went at 8am and did the route we had done on Tuesday but adding on a couple of km by going into the centre of Falcarragh. I left as Mel returned and did the same route but by this time the sun was up and it was a little warmer. The views were fantastic again and the 9.2km route is a good one for us to start the day.