June 2019

The weather at the end of May/beginning of June was still unsettled with some cool and cloudy times in between the sun. We went up to Bazanaki’s restaurant for dinner on the 1st June and had a tasty meal as usual (pork chop for Mel and stuffed tomatoes and peppers for Les). The restaurant was quiet and we had a nice chat to Chrysoula about the weather; it was good to see her and her family again.

We went for a walk from the Kerasia Spring above Syvros to the Galena Spring in Vournika and back to Sivros. It was an interesting route and the weather wasn’t too warm so it made it a pleasant morning, finishing with a frappe in the square in Sivros and a visit to the bakery.

We also visited the Olive Museum in Syvros and had a guided tour by the owner Spiros and a tasting session with his wife Maria. We tasted the olive oil, olives, olive paste and chilli jam and afterwards we bought all of these products, they were so good. We also bought some beeswax to put on your skin as it felt so good when we tried it. It was a very enjoyable experience which we would recommend to anyone visiting Syvros.

On the 3rd June I tripped over when I was running into the olive groves. I got a lift back to the apartment with a Greek couple although I felt OK other than bruised knees and grazed hands. But later my ribs were very sore and I was in quite a bit of pain whenever I moved. We went on a trip to Meteora later that week so I put up with it but when we came back to Vass I went to the Health Centre and the doctor told me to go to the hospital to have an Xray. Consequently we went to the new hospital in Lefkas where I had the Xray and some blood tests and waited for the results. The doctors picked up on my chest infection and seemed more concerned about that and told me to keep using the steroid inhaler. I had no broken ribs so I just had to rest and take paracetamol.

Claudia & Ralf arrived on Monday 10th June and the weather was now very hot and sunny. They joined us for a coffee at Imperial Studios and later Mel caught up with them on the water.

We had a couple of days on the beach at Amoussa Bay, enjoying the view from the sunbeds and having a dip in the sea to cool off. It was relatively quiet early in June and it was very peaceful just reading and relaxing.

We also went to the Verani Taverna in Sivros one Thursday evening when there was traditional Greek music being played by Chrissa and her two accompanists.

On Sunday 16th June we went on a bike ride to Syvros. This was my first outing after my fall and it went OK and we enjoyed our usual stop at the Verani Taverna meeting up with other riders from Ocean Elements and Wild Wind, including Andy Lewis who plays in the band. I am finding the electric bike so much easier than my other bike for rides like this one.

The weather had changed by now and, in fact we had some very hot days in the middle of June, more like August weather. There was more wind so Mel was able to have some good sessions on the water and he helped Claudia with her windsurfing too.