XIII Cross de la Artilleria 23 November 2014

The XIII Cross de la Artilleria (http://www.crossdelaartilleria.com/) consists of a series of races suitable for most ages. Lesley and I entered the longest (14km – 1/3 of a marathon), which meandered through the streets of Cartagena at the beginning and end with the middle section following a road (lane) out around the lighthouse and back. We convinced ourselves that it was flat which was completely wrong. There was even a cheeky and steep hill very near the end, but, it was a very enjoyable race which saw Lesley finishing 2nd and me finishing first in our age groups. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise at the time but thanks to the ever helpful Pilar from the Cabo de Palos, Oficina de Turismo we eventually got our trophies.

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