Hong Kong

Day 4 Hong Kong: Sunday 29 April

Laura’s 30th birthday Had lie in till 9 am – heavy rain and forecast not good so changed plans. Didn’t go to Stanley but went on shuttle to TST for a look round the shops and explore the area of TST further. Mel spent some dollars in a camera shop – surprise! He bought a memory card and lens filter. Weather actually turned out to be hot, sunny and dry! Had the usual morning stop at Starbucks for a latte and found Knutsford terrace where there were lots of bars and restaurants. Went to Harbour City just to look at all the upmarket designer shops. Went to Kowloon Park where there was a Kung fu display going on. By now it was very hot and sunny – Mel nearly melted taking photos. Went back to hotel on shuttle bus and we both went to the gym. Some folk were in the outdoor pool – that’s how hot it was. Went to see the light show again without the rain this time. Then took MTR to Mong Kok , bought a pair of trainers for Les and had a bowl of noodles at a cafe where only locals go – no English translation of the menu so not sure what we had with the noodles. Got a cheap taxi back to hotel and Mel is asleep already!

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