Twin Aerial run


This is both the biggest and best run I do from Vass. It’s around 23km and nearly 800m of climb. Today the weather was cooler compared to the usual weather here and made the running very enjoyable. I stopped in Agios Petros for two frappés and plenty of water before tackling the rest of the run.

Kontárena run – new route

Clouds over Vass harbour

A new route today, through the Olive Groves, into Kontárena and over the hill towards Agiofili. Lesley Ran from the other direction and also ran a new and longer route. Plenty of climbing in these runs.

The weather didn’t rain as forecast and was very pleasant for running. I did manage to catch a few spider webs on my way though. Finished off with a nice frappé in town.

First run into the hills around Vass

imageA beautiful sunny start to the day (7:40) when I set off on my first foray into the hills. The plan was to run to Agios Petros, see how I felt and either come back via the deserted village (16km), or, if I felt good, I would head off towards Nikolis (21km).

Unfortunately, someone has stolen the handle from the spring tap at about 5 km, I usually stop there for a drink, but I couldn’t turn the tap on. Plan B was to stop at the cafe in Ag. Petros and have a frappé, a better idea altogether.

The roads out of Ag. Petros were stunning, the flora and fauna (well some cats and a snake), were stunning and I had to keep taking photos.

As I approached the turn off for the deserted village I felt good so decided to push for the turning down to the olive groves just before Nikolis. I’d heard from the local baker, Staffi, that the earthquake over the winter had hit the area around Nikoli, he has a restaurant there and can’t open until the council has repaired the outdoor seating area. On the road back to the olive groves I could see some of the damage done to the road.

New Year’s Eve: 34th San Silvestre Race Cartegena

1st and 3rd
Team Cole win again!

This is a great race and attracts lots (2000 last year) of runners, many in fancy dress. Lesley and I ran it for the first time last year and we both came second in our age categories. The course is advertised as 5.2km, all I can say is that it’s over 5K and it depends on where you start, how much over.

We were both blocked by fun runners at the start but we managed to finish on the podium again for the second year running. (Pun intended).

Torre Pacheco half marathon

IMG_1519IMG_1525Our second consecutive year of running of the Torro Pacheco Maratón. We like to arrive early which means getting up at 6:30 for our tea and porridge. An easy drive taking about half an hour gets us to the race start area where we are able to park near to the start finish area. We had to pick up our chipped numbers (Dorsals) before settling into the nearby tennis club where we were able to get a coffee. Continue reading “Torre Pacheco half marathon”