First run into the hills around Vass

imageA beautiful sunny start to the day (7:40) when I set off on my first foray into the hills. The plan was to run to Agios Petros, see how I felt and either come back via the deserted village (16km), or, if I felt good, I would head off towards Nikolis (21km).

Unfortunately, someone has stolen the handle from the spring tap at about 5 km, I usually stop there for a drink, but I couldn’t turn the tap on. Plan B was to stop at the cafe in Ag. Petros and have a frappé, a better idea altogether.

The roads out of Ag. Petros were stunning, the flora and fauna (well some cats and a snake), were stunning and I had to keep taking photos.

As I approached the turn off for the deserted village I felt good so decided to push for the turning down to the olive groves just before Nikolis. I’d heard from the local baker, Staffi, that the earthquake over the winter had hit the area around Nikoli, he has a restaurant there and can’t open until the council has repaired the outdoor seating area. On the road back to the olive groves I could see some of the damage done to the road.

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