After two long flights, we arrived at Sydney Airport. It was a simple task to catch the local metro train from the airport to the station nearest our hotel. Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived during the morning commuter time. We found our hotel, and, fortunately, they found us a room straight away.

A quick shower and a change into clean clothes and we were off to explore. More details later but below are a few photos.

Winter sunrise run

With short days and low temperatures, I’ve got into a routine that most hibernating mammals would recognise. As a consequence, most days start with two cups of tea in bed watching breakfast TV whilst building up to the day ahead.

This morning, however, we had a man coming! As a consequence, we were up early. I went for a run first and was lucky enough to catch a beautiful start to the day.

West Kirby, winter windsurf

I’m a lucky boy, I know that. I get to spend lots of time doing the things I like. Windsurfing, Skiing/snowboarding, running and more. Most of the time I get it right, Ski, when sunny, blue skies and lots of snow, windsurf, when it’s sunny, blue skies and lots of wind etc. This boxing day, however, conditions weren’t quite so good.

Okay, there was some blue sky, check, there was some wind, check. But, it was freezing cold, the wind direction at West Kirby NNW and not West, (it makes a difference).

This was the first time I’ve used the van since I’ve had the board racks put in. I’ve learnt a lot about what doesn’t quite work from this expedition.

I was seriously overpowered on my first sail, 5m, and I was still overpowered on the second sail, 4m. The wind direction made it a bit of a slog to get back upwind to the starting point, so not the best days sailing. Enjoyable nonetheless.