Rigging day

imageToday I rigged my two biggest sails. That now gives me sails from 8.5m² down to 6.0m², that should cover most everyday situations.

I also rigged a system to hold the sails secure against the hedge using springs and rope. Hopefully, they will be held tight even in strong wind. All I need now is the wind.


Great news from Tom today as he FaceTimed us to let us know that he has qualified as an International Certified Personal Trainer. Well done Tom!image

Dinner with Laura and Ella

IMG_0758A lovely (half) day with Laura and Ella. Lesley and I went early enough to have lunch with Laura. As usual Ella amazed us with her ability to communicate like a young adult. She has a great understanding and makes humorous and thoughtful comments in a conversation. She enjoys reading and is a delight to listen to, especially when she is working out an unfamiliar word. She holds no fear for new words, she just accurately sounds them out and then reads them at full speed. She’s a lucky girl to be blessed with good parents and good teachers. We are enjoying watching her grow up and look forward to seeing what she gets up to as she grows older.

Albert Lee

View from Lowery Theatre
Salford Quays

We had a great night at the Lowery Theatre where we went to see Albert Lee. It’s always to watch the masters at work. The music was excellent and it was very interesting listening to his tales of playing with Head Hands and Feet, his time with Eric Clapton and the Everley Brothers.





image image

Chill Facter with Caroline and Lesley

Caroline wanted to go to the Chill Facter to see if she could still ski. She is hoping to go on the school trip this year and hasn’t skied since she was at school herself. As you will see from the video she has a natural ability and won’t have any problems when she gets to Austria.

After skiing we popped over to the Trafford Centre and grabbed a burrito. For Lesley and me it was a first. Very tasty, very filling and very unusual. It’s basically a huge wrap of Mexican food that is rolled in silver foil. The secret of eating it, is to gradually peel off just enough silver foil to expose a mouthful of burrito. Lovely!


Pick Ella up from school

IMG_0470 (1)The weather was fine when we picked Ella up so we decided to head out to the park before going back home. We had the park to ourselves, and as you can see from the photographs Ella made full use of it. Once we got home she did her usual of enthralling us with her ability to read and pick up difficult concepts. We talked to her about the days of the week, months and years – she was amazing.

Lunch with the Girls

We had a lovely time at the Bear’s Paw in Warmingham today. Laura, Caroline and Lesley were all in top form and great company. Unfortunately the organiser (Sam) was poorly so couldn’t come. Sorry Sam but you missed a great time, good company and lovely food.

Caroline was experimenting with her works camera in preparation for her trip to Poland next wek so I have included a few of her photos.