Summary 13 – 19 October


Mostly hot and sunny with a couple of wet periods. Flies are a pain though. I have made a fly trap but they don’t seem interested. I don’t think the attractant is impressing them.


Starting to feel a bit better, one run was definitely quicker than at home.

16.3 miles in 2.54 giving an average of 10:43 Mins per mile and about 1600 feet of climb.

I have felt sluggish this week, possibly not yet used to the heat and may be still feeling the effects of the journey here. However, although low mileage is slightly up on previous weeks.

24.77 miles in 3:35 giving and average of 8:41 Mins per mile and about 2250ft of climb


Two windsurfing days this week first day was overpowered on 7.5, rigged the 6.0 and gained some control. Next time the 7.5 was right but on neither day did I feel completely comfortable.

None yet!

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