First full day of sport

Early morning run towards Mar de Crystal
Early morning run

Lesley was going to Dance Fit and Pilates today (10 – 12), so I left early for my run. Conditions were good, sun low and a little breeze. Still feeling the effects of the journey and not ready long runs into the hill so like my previous runs today’s was just over 5 miles.

Lesley set off for her classes only to find that the instructor had cancelled due to illness.

After lunch I started to rig sails but was compelled to check out sailing conditions. The wind had picked, about a 4 – 6 beaufort from the South West. Sailors were planning, I had no choice but had to go out, I had only rigged the 7.5m² so that was my sail of choice. Mistake. Not only is a SW wind at La Manga difficult to gracefully sail away from the beach but I was seriously overpowered. I worked at it for the best part of an hour an although there were lots of excitement it was never really comfortable. I decided to come in and rig a smaller sail. A bit of a rushed job but I shortly returned to the water with my 6m² Tush Rock. A much better marriage, especially as I was now able to use my 103l Synchro.

Overall I count today as a good sailing day (and the first in La Manga this time) and came off the water feeling very tired. I was also dehydrated and drank copiously before going to bed. All in all a good day, just need to get myself re-used to the running and sailing routine.


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