Skiing with Peter

Do you like my hat?
Do you like my hat?



After making Peter ski with two snowboarders I relented and had a day of skiing with him. After making sure that he was properly dressed we were ready for a great day of skiing. Once again we had perfect weather.




Peter is a great skier and at 76 is still one of the fastest on the slopes as you will see from the video I tried to take of him. Of course the other known with Peter is that he loves to meet new people and will stop for a chat. So when lunch came at Les Arcs 1600, it was no surprise that he made some new friends.


Peter's made some new friends
Peter’s made some new friends








St Thomas’ 7

Based at Upper Tean, this is a lovely course that takes in some of the Cheadle 4. I have been able to get a little bit of training in and so I ran a bit better than at Ipstones, I felt strong to 5 and then had to hold on. I beat two of my regular rivals, but Mick Beardmore showed me a clean pair of heels over the last 2 miles. Looking forward to Congleton half marathon now.

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