Dirk’s November DO

Dirk at the keyboard

Once a month the Dutch organise “Dirk’s Do”. Starting at 7:00pm we indulge in a 3 course meal, drinks and a large selection of music played by Dirk on his keyboard. The whole evening is a very jolly affair with about 140 people, mostly regulars and mostly Dutch and German. We have a table of friends, most of whom we only meet on these evenings, so a good opportunity to catch up.

IMG_6990There is a definite style to the music and dancing which we describe as “Dutch/German”. I’m told that the dance most do is something called a disco fox. Based on the foxtrot but with additional oompah.

IMG_6993Some of the men seem to think of it as more of a sport than a dance and sometimes the pace of the occasional couple wouldn’t be out of place on a rugby pitch. This isn’t meant as a criticism, merely an observation, Lesley and I always wish we could learn to trip the light fantastic in the ballroom. All in all an enjoyable evening with good food, company and entertainment.

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