Twin Aerial run


This is both the biggest and best run I do from Vass. It’s around 23km and nearly 800m of climb. Today the weather was cooler compared to the usual weather here and made the running very enjoyable. I stopped in Agios Petros for two frappés and plenty of water before tackling the rest of the run.

Aeriko restaurant

We went to the Aeriko restaurant on the beach front on Friday 15th July. We have had take away pizzas from this restaurant several times and have always enjoyed them. This time we ate at the restaurant, Mel had a Mexican pizza and I had seafood spaghetti which was delicious.

Vassiliki beach
Vassiliki beach


Bike rides and runs

On Sunday 10th July I went for a bike ride with Yvette, Pat, Gabbi & Annette to Sivros. We carried on towards Vournikas & Fterno and then to Efgiros where we stopped for our frappe.

A few days later Mel ran to Kontarena and I ran towards Agio Fili beach and we met in town for a frappe as usual. Livanaki’s cafe has the new umbrellas required by Greek law (why?) in place now.

I went for a bike ride to Agios Petros with Yvette, Pat, Gabbi & Annette on Wednesday 13th July. We stopped at the cafe in Agios Petros for a frappe and Mel was already there. Jan, Ian, Horst, Bernd & Hugo arrived on their bikes soon after. They are doing a much longer bike ride to Athani. Mel ran back via Nikolis (21km) and we cycled back to Vassiliki via the deserted village.

Cora’s house in Sivros

Mel ran and I cycled to Sivros one morning and we called in to see Cora at her house there. Cora and her husband, Spiros have built their own house and it is still work in progress but it is in a lovely position with fabulous views. They have a vegetable and flower garden at the house but also have a small holding in the valley.

Dimitri’s Taverna in Geni with Debbie & Steve

The wind started to blow in Vass style towards the end of June and the beginning of July. It also became busier with more people arriving in the town, on the campsite and in our apartment block. We continued with our running/cycling routine and going to the beach each afternoon. Debbie & Steve Brabbs came to stay at The Cosmos and their daughter Emily is working in Nidri this year; we have known them since they first came to Vass about 10 years ago. They have brought their bikes with them this year and they go on some serious bike rides. We met them by chance one day in at Dimitri’s Taverna in Geni and had a frappe with them before they continued on their ride to meet Emily in Nidri.

Kontárena run – new route

Clouds over Vass harbour

A new route today, through the Olive Groves, into Kontárena and over the hill towards Agiofili. Lesley Ran from the other direction and also ran a new and longer route. Plenty of climbing in these runs.

The weather didn’t rain as forecast and was very pleasant for running. I did manage to catch a few spider webs on my way though. Finished off with a nice frappé in town.

First run into the hills around Vass

imageA beautiful sunny start to the day (7:40) when I set off on my first foray into the hills. The plan was to run to Agios Petros, see how I felt and either come back via the deserted village (16km), or, if I felt good, I would head off towards Nikolis (21km).

Unfortunately, someone has stolen the handle from the spring tap at about 5 km, I usually stop there for a drink, but I couldn’t turn the tap on. Plan B was to stop at the cafe in Ag. Petros and have a frappé, a better idea altogether.

The roads out of Ag. Petros were stunning, the flora and fauna (well some cats and a snake), were stunning and I had to keep taking photos.

As I approached the turn off for the deserted village I felt good so decided to push for the turning down to the olive groves just before Nikolis. I’d heard from the local baker, Staffi, that the earthquake over the winter had hit the area around Nikoli, he has a restaurant there and can’t open until the council has repaired the outdoor seating area. On the road back to the olive groves I could see some of the damage done to the road.

All aboard the Hellenic Spirit

On the ferry. Very quick and easy and no problems after the recent Greek strike. They didn’t bother about the length of the car or the height so that was good. In fact, because we are too big for the car bay they have put us in front of all the lorries and it looks like we could be first off.

It’s lovely to have a cabin and a window, wifi in the room and our own shower facilities – we didn’t have that when we stayed in the motorhome!