Panarama with Clive and Jean

Panarama cats asleep
Panarama cats asleep

The Panarama restaurant is on the west coast looking out across the Aegean Sea, it’s a great location for eating a meal and watching the sun setting so when Clive and Jean invited us to join them (they have a car here) we didn’t hesitate. Unfortunately the sky was hazy and the sunset had to be imagined but the food was plentiful and delicious. On recommendation Lesley started with octopus in vinegar followed by a very meaty sea bream while I had milk cheese pie and lamb chops. As usual they brought out some extras at the end of the meal which today happened to be a googolplex of calories worth of baklava, which I seemed to eat the most of. Must have a run in the morning.

Lesley fell in love with the restaurant’s cats and so I have to include a photo.

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