Lesley’s birthday

IMG_6917Well, I have to confess that Lesley found and booked this hotel, but what a great choice (the RH Bayren, in Gandia). The idea was to have a relaxing break and enjoy some time running and using the gym and spa facilities.
IMG_1586The journey was straight forward, about 150 miles of mostly easy driving on dual carriageways. We were very pleased to see our room, large (2 tvs), fronted by a large glass wall and a bath in the middle of the room. The bed was so big that it covered two time zones. The panoramic view of the beach was stunning.

We went for a drive round to explore the local area, most of it was closed being winter and siesta time, but, we did find a restaurant where we got a pizza. we also learnt that the locals don’t speak traditional Spanish, but Valencian, a form of Catalan.

In the evening, we had dinner in the restaurant. There was no à la carte, all the food was from a buffet. There were plenty of choices, but, we did feel that the food wasn’t the best part of our stay.

IMG_1594Also staying at the hotel were the AG2R La Mondiale Pro cycle team. They had been there over a week and this was their last night. One of the cyclists told us that they had ridden over 1100km in 9 days. They had full support teams and back up. A very impressive setup.


IMG_1605The following morning we started with a run. Parallel to the beach was a cycle track and a pedestrian track. We ran about 5k in lovely morning sunshine, followed by a hearty breakfast.

Later we spent some time in the gym and spa. What a lovely way to pass the time.

We had a fabulous 3 day break and left feeling refreshed.

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