Congleton Parkrun

Another PB for Lesley

After both running well the night before we decided to get up early and run the Congleton Parkrun. Beautiful weather for a change but I knew as I warmed up that I hadn’t recovered from the race the night before and Lesley had tired legs. Charlie was there again and had made some sort of promise to drag Terry around in a fast time. I could tell that Charlie was hot on my tail again all the way round the first of the three laps but didn’t really expect Terry to come flying past not long after the start of the second lap. I tried to keep up with him but knew I was running on empty and it wasn’t long before a tired Charlie came past too. The last lap was a painful mile as I was completely exhausted. Not long after I finished Lesley finished in the second pb in two days, this time finishing in 24:31, 24 seconds quicker than yesterday’s pb. Charlie finished in 21:03 and I finished in 21:29, both of us a lot slower than the night before. Terry ran 20:44 beating his 2013 target.

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