Carsington Water

Running and biking

There had been some rain over night but not too heavy so we weren’t kept awake. Had another lie in and then we both did a run going out the back of the campsite this time but still ending up at the reservoir. Les ran clockwise across the dam wall to the Sailing Club and back to the campsite (about 4 miles) and Mel did the whole circuit again in an anticlockwise direction. The weather was dry and some sunshine this morning.

After lunch we both went on the bikes across the reservoir dam wall, past the Visitor Centre and Water Sports Centre following the lakeside until we branched away to Carsington village. We then took the road to the village of Wirksworth – some uphill and then a very steep downhill descent to the village itself. Quite a busy place with a selection of shops, banks, post office etc. and some through traffic. We continued on after a quick break and turned off the main road towards Kirk Ireton. This was a very undulating route and our legs were burning with lactic acid build up by the time we got back to Blackwall.

We settled down for the evening feeling quite tired and had our evening meal and watched TV.

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