Wind and waves

Time for an update.

We’ve had some very windy days lately. Lesley has been focussing on running, cycling and Swiss ball exercise while I’ve been running and windsurfing. My hands are quite calloused now which helps but the strong winds are taking their toll on me and the equipment. Very windy yesterday when Colin Dixon came past on the water to say hello, he then did a perfect forward loop sailed a few metres and did another perfect loop. He slowed for me to catch up so feeling the need to do something I attempted a jump off a big wave, got lots of air but landed in a heap with a face and body plant onto the rig putting several holes in the sail.

Last night we went to Bazanakis with a Swiss couple from the campsite. It was the first time they had been to the taverna and were very impressed with the view and the food. We had a really good night and they refused to let us pay for anything, thank you Hans and Marianne.

Today is change over day at Neilson. We know 4 people here this week and we wait in anticipation to see if we know any of the new guests.

Campsite is now very busy, lots of different nationalities which we love. I have been practising my Greek at every opportunity and the locals seem to like it when I try to say a few words. They wait patiently when I have a go and help me with the very different sounds and alphabet.

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