Walk from Exanthia

On Saturday 24th June we went to the village of Exanthia and set off on a walk which Mike Edmonds had suggested. The start of the path wasn’t easy to find but eventually we took what looked like a path between some dry stone walls. The path was rather overgrown and we struggled to get through the undergrowth, scratching our legs and arms in the process. It was all uphill and a bit hot but a bit of an adventure. We carried on for about 40 minutes passing by some old vine yards and terraced areas.

When we got near to the road, we saw a pick up truck coming down towards us. It stopped and the couple got out and asked us if we wanted a lift back to Exanthia (no English language involved!) We gladly accepted and climbed into the back of the truck and sat on the bags of plant cuttings. They took us all the way back to the village and right up to the restaurant (H Rachi). We offered them a drink but they didn’t want one so we went inside and ordered a frappe.

Whilst we sat at the restaurant drinking our coffee we watched some paragliders jump off the cliff and fly down to Kathisma beach.

We were too early for lunch unfortunately as the menu sounded very nice. We will have to revisit this restaurant.



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