Kobe to Osaka

After breakfast we took a train from Kobe to Osaka and the subway to the Namba district to find our hotel. Again several helpful Japanese people who gave us directions to the hotel. We arrived and checked in and then went to explore the local area. Almost opposite the hotel is Dotombori-dori – a very busy, noisy and vibrant street with lots of cafés, noodle and takoyaki bars and shops. After walking some way along this street we turned into a shopping street with a sea of shoppers as far as you could see – Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. We chose to walk along the Donombori river side instead! Then we turned back towards Ebisubashi Shopping Street – another people filled avenue. We went along with the crowds towards the electrical goods shopping street in Den Den Town. Enough of shopping streets – back to the hotel for recovery! On the way we popped into the Kuromon Market – another fish market also selling various other foods and goods.

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