Kanazawa (金沢)

Mel and Les went for a run – Les only managed a slow 2 miles due to leg pain. Mel carried on for a few more miles around the town on his own. After showering we walked to the Samurai district (長町) of the town where we saw the traditional houses which are mostly now private houses. We went into a museum which was an original pharmacy house which had been moved to Kanazawa. We got on a bus to meet Tom at the station where we enquired about train times for tomorrow. Then we caught a bus to a ramen house called iwamotoya (岩本屋) in the same area as yesterday’s curry house. We had a very nice lunch of noodles, broth, pork and spring onions (ramen). Very filling. Then we caught a taxi to the east tea district (東茶屋). We went into a tea house and had tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cheese cake. We sat a while on the comfy sofas and chatted. We eventually left to make our way back to our hotel. Tom went home, Mel went to sleep and Les packed. Tom came to collect us at about 7:15 to go out for a meal with him and Shoko. Shoko took us in her car to a restaurant in Nishi-Kanazawa (西金沢) called Dohton Bori. We had another new experience, okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)- a kind of pancake with cabbage and optional ingredients such as meat and cheese which we cooked ourselves on a hot plate. When it was cooked we put some okonomiyaki sauce (お好み焼きソース) and mayonnaise on the top, cut it up into slices and ate it. It was delicious!

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