Kanazawa (金沢)

Thunder and lightning over night – very loud and bright. Raining in the morning so had leisurely start to the day. Waited in Starbucks for Tom to arrive. Weather brightened up and Tom arrived. Caught a bus to the 21st century Art Museum. Exhibition of ‘books which changed the world’ very interesting. Then we went to the D. T. Suzuki museum – Zen Buddhism – very peaceful place. Walked to the river (犀川) and over the bridge to walk alongside the river to the west tea district (西茶屋). Tea rooms were closed but we went into a museum where that used to be a geisha house. Walked back through town to our hotel. Tom went home to get ready to play futsal later in the evening. Mel and Les had a rest before going out to an Italian restaurant for a carbonara and pizza. Mel had a bowl of garlic soup too!

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