We walked along the river again opposite the Peace Park to the tram stop (number 2). We took the tram to Miyajima-guchi and then the ferry across to Miyajima island. The Ohtorii Gate was covered in scaffolding unfortunately but there were many attractions including the expansive Itsukushimajinja shrine, the largest area of all the shrines in Japan. When the tide comes in the shrine apperas to br floating on water. We went for a walk up Mount Misen through the Momijidani Park which was beautiful up as far as the cable car which gives a view of the highest part of the mountain. Lovely weather for it too. Lots of Japanese tourists and school children due to the popularity of this place. Caught the ferry and tram back to the hotel, picked up the suitcases and took a taxi to the station. Caught the Shinkansen (新幹線) to Kobe. Got to hotel about 7 pm, checked in and then walked to the ‘Mosaic’ – a shopping and restaurant area on the harbour. Had a meal in a themed restaurant overlooking the water with views of Kobe Tower, the big wheel and the port – not sure of the theme but as usual the service and food were good.

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