Happy Swiss day Switzerland! Today, rather randomly perhaps (as it’s Thursday) sees the departure of many of our new friends and neighbours.

Hugo and Marliss are leaving after 2 weeks in their motorhome into a local house where they will continue their holiday for another 2 weeks. We will at least see them at Sun Waves where we keep our windsurfing kit. They have been kind and considerate neighbours, fetching us little presents from chocolates to completely indulgent high calorie cream cakes. Yesterday they gave us an enormous plant which will shall keep until we leave and then try and find a good home for it before we leave – there’s no way we can take it home.

Danny, his wife and 2 children leave today to go back to Holland. The boys are very active, practising their hockey or riding around the campsite on their space scooters; one has white golden hair that many windsurf instructors try and emulate and the other has black hair. They are also pretty good windsurfers, the eldest being only 10 (last week). Danny worked as an advanced instructor before he married and is an excellent windsurfer. He kindly took time out to help me improve my windsurfing and I was very happy when I successfully executed a fully planing carve gybe, staying on the plane through to the exit.

Andreas and his wife also go back to Holland today. Andreas will be missed by everyone; a Greek national, married to a Dutch wife and speaks fluent French. He has got to know everybody. He has been my local support in my quest to learn to speak Greek and the things pertaining to Greek culture and the way of life. They have left us with the most delicious olive oil made from olives grown in the family olive groves and pressed by hand, plus assorted homegrown organic vegetables that will influence our meals for the next few days.

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