Day 2: Onto the Ferry

There were a few more people arrived overnight. The ferry doesn’t leave until 11:45, gates open at 9:00 so plenty of time for something to eat and a bit of breakfast TV. There’s a lot of hanging about at this stage, once through the gate we had to queue again waiting to board. I’d love to learn the science of boarding. They have to make sure that the ferry is stable all the time. It’s fascinating watching them take off the incoming vehicles and choosing which vehicles to load and where to put them, it’s definitely not a case of sort it out for yourselves. Most impressive are the drivers that maneuver the large lorry trailers that have been dropped off for delivery.

Parked up between the lorries


Boarding was no problem, once on we were on we took our bags and set off to find our cabin, unlike the ferry from Venice to Greece there is no camping on board.



IMG_6780Lesley took to travel tablets to ward off sea sickness, perhaps foolishly I didn’t, I quite like a bit of rock and roll and was fine until we returned to the cabin for something to eat. I had a nauseous half hour but was fine once I got horizontal. Sleep was difficult because the boat was all over the place.

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