Christmas Day in El Escobar

Happy Christmas
Christmas dinner with Chris and Gaynor, Derek and Anne and of course Lesley.
Surely one's enough!
Trying to get extra portions.

With two thick duvets and an oil fired radiator we were warm and cosy and had a good nights sleep, setting us up nicely for the big day ahead. It seems that lots of cooking and preparation were going on in the different apartments and the main house, but I was left to do my own thing. I wanted to get some pictures of us all sat down together enjoying our Christmas lunch. I set up the camera ready for later making sure that everyone at the table was in focus, so like Goldilocks, I tried each of the chairs and took a photo.

The whole day was great, lots of food and drink as you would expect, followed by watching the 1946 film – “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring the one and only James Stewart.

The day was a blur of food, drink, TV and games. Just what a Christmas day should be.

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