Cheadle 4

Went to Cheadle 4 race in the motor home and parked up early at the school. Les ran the race route as a training run and Mel did the race starting at After Mel had completed the race (in 27:08) we set off for Blackwall Plantation Caravan Club site just past Ashbourne and near to Carsington Water. We arrived just after 12 pm and chose our pitch. We set up and after some adjustment with the satellite receiver and the motor home the TV signal was strong enough for a good picture. We settled down to watch the Gentlemen’s Singles final at Wimbledon – Murray versus Fedderer; unfortunately Murray lost but it was still a very good match. Mel watched the highlights of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone whilst Les prepared Sunday dinner – roast chicken and rhubarb crumble) which had mostly been cooked at home)

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