Breakfast in the harbour

imageWell, breakfast/lunch. A favourite past time on a Sunday is to sit in the harbour reading the paper while enjoying a coffee and a snack. Usually with chocolate in it for me. Lovely scenery with more than the occasional RIB taking out dozens of divers. A bit rusty with the Spanish names for some of the food on offer but we got there. We both had cafe café con leche, Lesley had media una rodaja de tomate en pan tostado (half a slice of tomato on toast) y (and) manzana tarte (apple tart). I had queso y jamón sándwich tostado y Napolitanas chocolate (chocolate filled filo pastry thing). All very nice and lots of calories.

On the way back we stopped to have a look at Playa de Levante de Mar Menor. We have seen locals windsurfing there and it looks like a good spot for wave sailing.

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