Bike ride to Sivros

On Saturday 22nd July we went for a bike ride to Sivros but we started off on a different route through the olive groves. We continued up the challenging hair pin bend (there are 12 of them with the eighth being the steepest) route to the village where we stopped at the Verani Cafe for a frappe as usual.

We continued on after the village on the road towards Fterno, stopping at the church on the way to enjoy the view. Mel is trying to identify a place to take night pictures of the Milky Way – this could be such a place.

We went back to Vassiliki via the Monastery road to Kontanera with one last hill climb before the long decent into Vass.

We felt we had earned another frappe stop so continued into Vass to stop at Livinakis where we also treated ourselves to a pastry for breakfast.

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