Bateria de Cenizas – The Portman Guns

After a beautiful day yesterday, today was grey and overcast with no wind forecast, so when Derek said that Anne and He were going to have a walk to visit the Portman Guns we jumped at the opportunity to join them.

Gate to the Portman Guns
Gate to the Portman Guns

Portman is about 15 minutes away on the bike and the guns up a pleasant, wide track about 3km long. I can imagine this could be hot work on a sunny day but today it was perfect.

Portman Gun



The two guns were built by Armstrong and Vickers (GB) and date back to the 1920s/1930s. They are very impressive at 381mm and a range of 35km. Along with the guns at Portman a series of gun batteries were built to protect the important port at Cartagena.


We finished with a ride into Portman Harbour to look at the beach. The sand is black! The area is now scarred by years of mining and although there have been efforts to clean the area up you can still see remains of pollution.

We went for coffee before the trip back home. A lovely day out.

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