Towtal motorbike carrier

We had one of these fitted in June 2012 to carry our Honda Wave 110i. The carrier seems robust but a little roughly engineered. You will hurt yourself if you walk into a corner or an edge and you can easily ruin expensive tie downs on rough edges when you tighten up.

I got my local Honda dealer to help me load the bike onto the carrier the first time and they were confused with the layout. You have to push the bike up onto the carrier with the bike on your left hand side, it seems that most people wheel bikes (especially heavy ones) with the bike on their right hand side.

Having covered over 5000 miles the carrier has proved to be strong enough for the bike but disappointingly the main bar across the back of the vehicle has rusted however Towtal happily removed it and resprayed it under warranty.

Finally I have to commend Towtal for the service they gave us when the relay failed on our trip to Southern Spain. We had a few tense days on the last part of the journey because the lights on the carrier stopped working. Towtal shipped out a new relay unit to us in La Manga complete with clips so that no soldering was required so I was able to replace the unit before our next journey.

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