Lighthouse, monastery and Porto Katsiki

We decided to visit the lighthouse on the most southerly part of Vassiliki as we haven’t been there before. The roads are all tarmaced but it was still a long way on our little motorbike. Not much else to see there but the scenery is stunning as expected and it was interesting to visit the little monastery nearby. A Greek nun/sister opened up for us and showed us around the inside with pictures and artefacts that dated back to the 17th century; we bought some oregano from the shop which I suppose is like making a donation but you get something back in return. We then went to Porto Katsiki beach in time for a quiet swim before the crowds turn up. It is absolutely beautiful but gets very crowded at this time of year.

Stopped in Athani for a drink and then again in Dragano, the honey centre of Lefkada for some more honey.






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