Sail repairs

Unfortunately Ian put his knee through his Hellcat 6.2 yesterday (such a good sail too) so today we took it into Lefkada for repairs. Mark who actually fixes the sails is a lovely bloke and does a great job mending sails, many of the windsurf schools use him, but one of his colleagues is a strange chap. He must have been on some sort of aggressive customer service course as I have now had a couple of incidents with him.

The company have a head office (where you take the sails) and a sail loft where Mark works which is a couple of miles before their office. I thought it would be nice to say hello to Mark, introduce Ian to him and show him where the loft is. Jolly Joe (not his real name), was there delivering sails for repair and greeted us with “What are you doing here? You are not allowed here (it was a public highway), this is my private place and I don’t like anyone coming here” (sorry Mark you’re not allowed any friends). When he had finished his warm welcome I explained our purpose and told him we were indeed on our way the the head office to drop off the sail but even Jolly Joe could see the sense of leaving the sail at the loft and save him a of following us to collect the sail from the office and then bring it back out to the loft.

While in Lefkada Ian took me to an ironmongers I hadn’t been to before (now my new favourite shop). Sells everything you could wish for and passes the test of being able to buy just the one screw if you so wish. Their range was not just extensive with items that were beautifully made and plated in chrome (which Ian nor I recognised) but was timeless. They had the very latest from the very oldest technologies. A great shop and worth a visit.

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