Cross de la Artilleria 14k race

IMG_1182This is the second time we have run this race. We continue to be impressed by the way they cater for such a variety of entrants. There are races for all ages, 1/4 mile, 1 mile (I don’t know where they get the mile distance from), 6k and 14k. There are separate races for youngsters, a race for runners with dogs and of course, the 14k race that Lesley and I did. The race is organised by the army, complete with marching bands and big guns.

Conditions this year were very windy, quite challenging when running uphill and against the wind. We were both a little slower than last year but still managed to finish second place in our respective categories.

IMG_1197It was lovely to be cheered in near the finish by John and Maureen Dixon and friends Pat and Brian.


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