A Daytrip to Freiberg

Today started grey, overcast with intermittent showers. Not the best weather for exploring new places, however, undeterred and armed with waterproof clothing, we decided to visit the City of Freiburg. Included in our campsite fees was a tax that allowed us free use of public transport.

We caught a bus from the top of the road into Titisee, and then a double-decker train (I do like these European trains), into Freiburg. Freiburg is a bustling University City with interesting and ornate architecture in all directions. Many of the roads are still cobbled and there is busy tram system used throughout the city. Our first Port of call was the tourist information centre, when we picked up a map and a few key points of interest. The map is good because it had a planned route that took in some of the main features of the city. These included the old and new Town Hall, several squares, Churches and cathedrals. The city, at one time, was protected by walls and the gates into and out of the city are still well maintained. You needed to be careful while you walking and looking up around you because along the roads were open drain ways where the water flowed.


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